Spiritual Companionship (Walking with you in your adventure in life)

"God leads each person by a different path, so that, in even half her approach, you'll hardly find a single person following the same route as another." (St John of the Cross)

You may have already guessed from the quotations from his work that I have a great respect for the writings of St John of the Cross, a Spanish mystic, poet and spiritual guide of the 16th century. He seems to speak to our own time as well as his own. Jan Selby writes that St John "shows great tenderness and respect for the space of the other, his way mirroring how he sees God's way with us. He is not wanting to offer yet another method of prayer; rather to connect with the Presence of God."

What I offer to you is space in which you can speak about your spiritual journey, your joys and sorrows, your hopes and fears, your progress and your struggles in total confidentiality and without judgement, seeking with you as St John puts it, your "different path" along which God is leading you.

Please book a session with me by e-mailing me at mail@stephenwinter.net